Sunday, 8 November 2009


Well people, the time has come to write another blog for you wonderful people, out there in blog land.

Well I'm not surprised that no one has posted or even read my blog. That's fair enough, but I need to get some smack bang in the middle with an interesting topic!

Which is why I'm not going to do that, but what I have come up with, is an idea to distribute small sections of my scripts online, in blog form!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Hey! I'm new to this, but need your help people! Please read if you want free things!

Hey all. This is my first blog, so lets see how we get on.

My name is Daniel T Wood, and I'm an aspiring screenwriter and Director. I've always loved movies and want to show people a good time at the movies. I want them to enjoy the experiences that I enjoy when I watch a movie.

I've read up on the web, about all these blogging websites, and how people actually follw them. This fascinates me as blogging, is how Diablo Cody got noticed with her writing and got a script off the ground, ( JUNO ).

So This, my 1st blog, is basically going to be about how I want to get noticed and, to be honest, I need to get some referals lol.

I've been writing now for nearly 9 years. Started writing short stories in english class, and found that I actually liked telling stories. I've always loved film, so I thought I'd put the two of them together.

I've had 4 of my scripts optioned, but have always fallen at the first hurdle. The agencies never seem to want to represent me. Mostly because I am an unknown, which I think is wrong, as the writers who are turning out films and tv shows are just rehashing old movies and plots. ( E.G, Halloween, friday 13ths etc).

I want to see more originality in movies, the last movie I saw which was a real treat, was District 9. An original idea which expanded on the alien story.

I would like to thank you if you are reading this, and if you could help me by doing a free offer so you and I can both recieve free things! If you want an Iphone, apple mac laptop, Sony PS3 or whatever you choose, then please, join up by going through this link

Thank you again if you read this and go through the free offers. Speak soon blog land!

Daniel T Wood out